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Joe E. Legend



I'm Joe Legends,

 6'3" tall, 252 pounds and have little more than 20+ years internationally working in wrestling, Entertainment. I started off working in North America, spending a couple of years in Europe with short tours of Africa, Japan, the Middle East. I have returned to Europe and while I continue working full time all over Europe as well as Japan, Africa and the Middle East. Here is a brief list of the territories that I have worked recently as well as my positions within those companies are as follows;


2005 I was a co-host of a mainstream reality series on ITV which was seen all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, called "Celebrity Wrestling". It featured myself and D-Lo Brown coaching teams of British celebrities in various wrestling related games. I'm proud to say that my team swept the competitions winning the men's, women's, and team championships. The MC for this show was "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and my exposure from the show has advanced my status in the European wrestling market ''substantially.


Further, I have begun production on a feature film which began production in late October in England. The subject matter of this film is pro wrestling and I have been cast in the lead "face" role and the movie features cameos by such wrestling luminaries as Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho and more. I have also been cast as the lead "heel" in another wrestling related film which is supposed to start production in England in March or April (you can check out their website: www.thewrestlingmovie.com for more details and it will involve several big "indy wrestling" names.


I have also starred in and was a technical coordinator for a feature film shot in France and due out in cinemas there before the end of the summer. My name and likeness have also been included in a graphic novel of which I am the lead villain. It is in book stores now. I trained in Toronto and am proud to say that I helped to train current


WWE superstar Edge as well as WCW, ECW, NWA-TNA and former WWE superstar Johnny Parisi. I also had a hand in the training of current WWE superstar and former NWA-TNA World Champion Christian. Other students of mine include Phil Atlas (who has worked for AJPW from time to time) Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Petey Williams. All of ROH and TNA fame.


I currently live in Hannover Germany as of August 2004. I am well versed in virtually all facets of the pro game, I am considered an above average promo and have appeared in Canada nationally on the Canadian Sports Channels (TSN) #1 talk show "Off The Record" and aside from the national exposure I received across the UK on the shows "Celebrity Wrestling" and "Bring It On", I am also a top performer on the UKs "The Wrestling Channel" on their flagship television program "FWA Wrestling" as well as performing for several other promotions who get broadcast time on "TWC". I have had decent exposure in Japan performing on "Samarai TV".


Outside the ring I entered into a co-author partnership with Kristal McKerrington a professional author since 2010. I'm represented by Barone Literary Agency for that of books. 


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